Community Relations

Chair: Vanessa Doto
Sometimes referred to as the Social Committee, this committee is responsible for engaging the residents in social and community service activities such as the monthly/quarterly happy hours, the pool party, and the food/clothing/toy drive during the holidays. This committee is also responsible for the Pool Passes, and for making decisions regarding the pool (maintenance requests/upkeep, etc.). This committee is also responsible for the Newsletter.


Building Captains

Co-Chairs: Joan Smith and Minnie Gray
Members of this committee are responsible for carrying messages to residents on behalf of the Board of Directors. For example, prior to the Annual Meeting the building captains are supposed to knock on their neighbors doors to try to collect proxies. Building Captains are also charged with assisting the Board to communicate emergency messages to residents as needed, for example if there’s a major snowstorm coming we will ask them to make sure everyone in the building is aware of where the shovels and salt are located in their building.



Chair: Vacant
The objectives of this committee are to periodically conduct inspections of the property, interior and exterior common elements, to determine a recommended priority list for the Board of Directors to consider


Neighborhood Watch

Chair: Ben Wallner
It’s objectives are self explanatory, we watch for crime and suspicious activity and report same to the authorities



Co-Chairs: Amelia Decker, Kerry Newsome
The committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board for improving the environment in our development for our pets and our residents, and for collecting pet registration information from our residents.



Chair: Vacant
This committee is responsible for maintaing the website.

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