The Building Captains Committee Needs Your Help

What is a Building Captain?

A building captain is a renter in residence for at least 5 years; or a unit owner some one who can be available when necessary for a minimum amount of time and very little effort. As a building captain you will be a link between your fellow residents and our Building Captains’ Committee. You would welcome new owners or renters to your building and our community by introducing yourself and providing them with a Building Captain’s contact information card and obtain, if possible emergency information from them. Occasionally you will be called upon to distribute community informational flyers and newsletters. Annually you would be requested to collect and deliver to the HOA meeting a signed proxy voting form from owners who cannot attending the meeting. Finally, you will be able to pass on questions, concerns and suggestions from your fellow residents to the Build Captains Committee.

If you would like to be a building captain please contact the Building Captains' Committee at